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Video Interview with Pascal Martin of Microsoft

WHIR TV interviews Pascal Martin, GM of CS-Platform and Application Hosting at Microsoft.  Microsoft is looking to increase it’s hold of the Hosting market.   Microsoft’s future initiatives to help secure this mandate include product development, easy integration and more.   Read More

Video Interview with Franc Nemanic of Hostopia

WHIR TV interviews Franc Nemanic, President of Hostopia.  Started in 1999 Hostopia has become one of the leading providers of outsourced private solutions. Rated one of the fastest growing companies, Hostopia is a great option for resellers.   Read More

WHIR TV at the Microsoft Hosting Seminar Series

WHIR TV was on location at the Microsoft Hosting Seminar Series in Toronto. The seminar was on ISP’s and Webhosts in Canada.  The video features Allen Clark for Hosting Solutions, Microsoft, SWSoft’s Rufus Manning, Sharon Koifman of Empire Hosts Inc..   Microsoft lays out their strategy on staying competitive with… Read More

Web Hosts Talk About The Changing Industry

WHIR TV Ask’s the Web Hosting Experts About The Changing Industry after 2001 “bubble burst”. Interviews include: Robert Marsh of EV1 Servers on growth in a mature industry, Serguei Beloussov of SWSoft on how the best companies survived and post bubble burst strategies, Sandip Gupta of Ensim on costumer quality… Read More

Video Interview with Serguei Beloussov of SWsoft

WHIR TV interviews Serguei Beloussov, President and CEO of SWsoft. Known for powerful hosting solutions like: site builder and Virtuoso Plus it is not surprising they are one of the leading companies in server automation.   Serguei speaks on the future of web hosting and SWsoft. Read More

Web Hosts Discuss Next Generation Technologies

WHIR TV Ask’s the Experts about next generation technologies. Interviews incude: Lou Honick of, Paul Engles, VP of Hostopia and Shelly Seibert of Alabanza. This video discusses these companies strategies to stay competitive in a homogenized market.   Read More

WHIR TV presents the HOSTINGCON 2005 Wrap Up

WHIR TV was on location at the HostingCon 2005 and interviewed event organizer George Roberts.  Additionally, Serguei Belloussov of SWSoft, Sandip Gupta with Ensim, Pascal Martin of Microsoft, EV1Servers’ Robert Marsh and GlassNetworks were interviewed. This Chicago event was the first of its kind since 2001.  The turn out, 95%… Read More

Video Interview with Sandip Gupta of Ensim

WHIR TV interviews Sandip Gupta, President and CEO of Ensim, a web hosting automation company. Automation helps play a key role in the ability for a company to grow simply, because they can focus on customer service and marketing. Read More

WHIR TV gets feedback on HOSTINGCON 2005

WHIR TV Ask’s the Experts about the value of attending HostingCon 2005. Interviews with Serguei Belloussov of SWSoft, Sandip Gupta of Ensim, Robert Marsh for EV1Servers and Pascal Martin from Microsoft. These Industry experts speak about the current growth of the Hosting industry and the projected growth for years to… Read More

Web Hosts Discuss The Low Price War on WHIR TV

WHIR TV ask’s the experts about the low price war is effecting the industry as a whole.  This issue was discussed at a panel at HostingCon this year.  If you missed the information session here is a video featuring some expert opinions. WHIR TV speaks to Shelley Seibert of Alabanza,… Read More

WHIR TV gets Feedback on ISPCON Spring 2005

WHIR TV Ask’s the Experts about the value of attending ISPCON Spring 2005. We interviewed Paul Engles of Hostopia who learned about the value of controlling productivity in the workplace, Lou Honick of HostMySite about wireless technology.   Read More