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Discussion about Generating Additional Revenue

WHIR TV Ask’s the Experts about Generating Additional Revenue. Paul Engles of Hostopia says it is time for ISP’s to get back in the game with templated websites, HTML newsletters, search engine optimization and more!   Elliott Noss from Tucows explains that customer service is more important then what the… Read More

Video Interview with Margie Backhaus from Equinix

WHIR TV interviews Margie Backhaus, Chief Business Officer at Equinix. Hosting and Collocation pricing is going up again, based on supply and demand.   Focusing on providing collocation services, this company draws a very unique type of customer.   Watch the video to learn about what Margie has to say… Read More

Will Google and EBay take over Web Hosting

WHIR TV Ask’s the Experts if Google and EBay will take over hosting. Elliot Noss of Tucows explains customer sevice is not replaceable and larger companies simply can’t provide this.   Hostopia’s Paul Engles explains a local ISP is just that, local!  Additionally, smaller companies have service models and are… Read More

Video Interview Andy Schroepfer, Tier 1 Research

WHIR TV interviews Andy Schroepfer, President of Tier 1 Research. Andy discusses the Annual Tier 1 Hosting Transformation Summit. This event gave everyone the opportunity to connect.  The feedback was all positive, and Andy was very happy with the results.   Read More

Discussing a Web Hosts Privacy Obligations

Our Legal Q&A expert is David Snead, an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C. discusses a web hosts privacy obligations. He explains that privacy policies are created by your company and should not be created by your marketing department.  Watch the video for a more in depth answer. Read More

Video Interview with Warren Adelman from GoDaddy

WHIR TV interviews Warren Adelman, COO at GoDaddy.  Founded in 1997, they focused on decreasing prices and customer service quality.   Ad production, including Superbowl ads, helped create the vision for a new production company within GoDaddy.  This created a message to market match.  Controversial advertising during the Superbowl, along… Read More

Web Hosts Discuss The Role of ISPs in Web Hosting

WHIR TV Ask’s the Experts About the role of ISPs in Web Hosting.   WHIR TV speaks to many exhibitors at ISPCon about what role ISP’s play in webhosting and if there is a particular segment of customers they are best suited to.  Interviews include: Tucows’ Elliot Noss, Hostopia’s Paul… Read More

About Web Hosts and Obscenity Issues

Our Legal Q&A expert David Snead, an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C discuss obscenity issues web hosts must deal with in business. He touches on the difference between fraud and obscenity. Read More

Legal Q&A: Resolving Peering Disputes on WHIR TV

Our Legal Q&A expert is David Snead, an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C. discusses how to resolve peering disputes. Should there be more or less regulation in the internet?  Watch and see what David suggests. Read More