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Web Hosts Discuss The Role of ISPs in Web Hosting

WHIR TV Ask’s the Experts About the role of ISPs in Web Hosting.   WHIR TV speaks to many exhibitors at ISPCon about what role ISP’s play in webhosting and if there is a particular segment of customers they are best suited to.  Interviews include: Tucows’ Elliot Noss, Hostopia’s Paul… Read More

About Web Hosts and Obscenity Issues

Our Legal Q&A expert David Snead, an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C discuss obscenity issues web hosts must deal with in business. He touches on the difference between fraud and obscenity. Read More

Legal Q&A: Resolving Peering Disputes on WHIR TV

Our Legal Q&A expert is David Snead, an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C. discusses how to resolve peering disputes. Should there be more or less regulation in the internet?  Watch and see what David suggests. Read More

Video Interview with Jon Price from ISPCON

WHIR TV interviews Jon Price, ISPCON Show Organizer.  Jon explains why the theme for this conference was “The Next Era”.   He explains that the industry focus seems to be answering which direction companies are going in the future.   Read More

Interview With Andreas Gauger of 1&1 Internet Part2

WHIR TV Interviews Andreas Gauger, CEO of 1&1 Internet.  He speaks on the effects of external pressure on the hosting space.   Additional topics covered include potential growth through acquisitions, focus on creating a better user interface, and easier to use inexpensive product.   Read More

Web Hosts Join Katrina Relief Efforts

WHIR TV Feature on how Web Hosts are Joining the Katrina Relief Efforts. Web Hosts Unite, started by Dan Garon and UpLink Earth helped raise money for the victims of Katrina.  XO Hosting Unit’s Barbara Branaman speaks on how her company has raised significant money and donated calling cards for… Read More

Interview with Andreas Gauger of 1&1 Internet

WHIR TV Interviews Andreas Gauger, CEO of 1&1 Internet.  One of the fastest growing and largest web hosts worldwide, 1&1 Internet’s free 100 day free service really helped grow its customer base in America. 1&1 Internet has changed the way hosts are gaining customers, and lowering costs  for small businesses.… Read More

Video Interview with Pascal Martin of Microsoft

WHIR TV interviews Pascal Martin, GM of CS-Platform and Application Hosting at Microsoft.  Microsoft is looking to increase it’s hold of the Hosting market.   Microsoft’s future initiatives to help secure this mandate include product development, easy integration and more.   Read More

Video Interview with Franc Nemanic of Hostopia

WHIR TV interviews Franc Nemanic, President of Hostopia.  Started in 1999 Hostopia has become one of the leading providers of outsourced private solutions. Rated one of the fastest growing companies, Hostopia is a great option for resellers.   Read More

WHIR TV at the Microsoft Hosting Seminar Series

WHIR TV was on location at the Microsoft Hosting Seminar Series in Toronto. The seminar was on ISP’s and Webhosts in Canada.  The video features Allen Clark for Hosting Solutions, Microsoft, SWSoft’s Rufus Manning, Sharon Koifman of Empire Hosts Inc..   Microsoft lays out their strategy on staying competitive with… Read More

Web Hosts Talk About The Changing Industry

WHIR TV Ask’s the Web Hosting Experts About The Changing Industry after 2001 “bubble burst”. Interviews include: Robert Marsh of EV1 Servers on growth in a mature industry, Serguei Beloussov of SWSoft on how the best companies survived and post bubble burst strategies, Sandip Gupta of Ensim on costumer quality… Read More