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Brexit and Europe: Business as Usual

Brexit Direction Sign with sky as a background

Whether accessing Europe or the U.S. markets from abroad finding partners that can support your business locally limits your risks and lowers your investments, not to mention that it makes you a lot more resistant to some of the hazards like regulatory changes. Read More

Trusted Advisors: Partners for Success

Women in Technology

  The notion that CEOs and Executives are the sole visionaries who can lead and drive a company to success with no outside help is long gone. Leaders who leverage outside help go farther faster and research shows they are significantly more successful in both the short and long term.… Read More

DaaS to WaaS and the Numbers Behind the Adoption


An industry that started with the moniker Desktop as a Service (DaaS), that many now call itself Workspace as a Service (WaaS), has become commonplace in the world of IT management. But, what’s with the different names and how many inroads has the technology really made? First, the reason for… Read More

How to Take Advantage of the Booming E-Commerce Market


The global e-commerce market has been booming for a number of years, with key drivers of merchant success including mobile, omnichannel and marketplaces. In 2016, global online retail sales will hit $1.6 trillion rising to $3.5 trillion in 2019. The interaction between online and offline sales has never been so… Read More

The Power and Profitability of Women in Tech

Women in Technology

A 2016 Peterson Institute study concluded that inclusion of women in leadership roles has a positive impact on company profits. It surveyed 21,980 companies globally across 91 countries and found that companies that had at least 2 women in executive positions in the C-Suite and 2 women in board positions… Read More