Three-day StartupBus Journey Reaches Rackspace HQ, But This Entrepreneurial Trip Isn’t Over

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Seven buses carrying a total of 30 coders and designers traveled North America this week, giving them 72 hours on the road to design, build and launch applications before reaching Rackspace’s headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

This is all part of the StartupBus initiative that has brought together 30 entrepreneurs (or “buspreneurs”) from different locations including Seattle, Silicon Valley, Florida, New York, Kansas City, Nashville and Mexico City.

On Wednesday morning, the buses reached their destination – Rackspace’s headquarters, known as ”The Castle.” But the trip isn’t over. At the Castle, buspreneurs were able to stretch their legs, but also attend events and workshops with industry experts including Guy Kawasaki.

Participants will also be pitching their startup, competing to be selected as the StartupBus winner, which will be announced Friday.

Is the trip worth it? This is StartupBus’ fifth year, and past participants have used their work on StartupBus to form the basis of companies, but also make important connections with people they meet on the journey.

Perhaps StartupBus is a valuable reminder that the journey is just as important as the destination.

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