Tackling Business and Technology Challenges for the Ultimate Win

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Business and information technology have a very complicated relationship. Depending on the type of company at which you work, you will notice huge differences in co-dependencies of these divisions. Some companies ceased to exist because of technological progress while others were and are being created due to it. Of course, the majority of businesses and markets learned to use IT to their advantage (some better than others I must say), so this is a work in progress to most of us as technology changes and advances at a tremendous pace.


As organizations become continuously more infocentric and recognize data as an invaluable asset in order to determine, evaluate and execute strategies and tactics, information technology becomes the foundation to successfully managing and operating businesses on a local and global scale. With that in mind, we need to remember that the line of business (LOB) will always have its goals which set the tone to the IT departments’ roadmaps.

Whether you are in a technology company or are dependent on technology to operate, you will leverage IT resources differently. Some may argue that nowadays almost all companies are tech companies. That is certainly true to some extent, but I want to make sure that we make a clear distinction between technology being someone’s core business or whether it’s being used to support their core business in order to make the right decisions when building future proof companies.

As technology development keeps progressing and leaving no market untouched by its impact, enterprises deal not only with challenges from the adoption side of new technologies and access to qualified tech staff, but at the same time, the growing amounts of data they are collecting and analyzing. This, along with ever-changing data governance and/or lawmaking is putting a strain on budgets and the ability to execute business strategies. To make matters worse, there are continuously more external threats in the form of existing competitors and new companies (often startups) which are small, agile and have the ability to disrupt even the biggest corporate goliaths by having access to commoditized technology on a whim. Additionally fueling this fire, there are security threats looming on every corner and Shadow IT treading on IT departments budgets from within.

Business Success
So how do you stay sane in this unstable and consistently changing business environment we operate in today? The answer is simple: financial agility! You need to stay lean and mean and always have the ability to respond quickly to new challenges and market moves while keeping your eye on the prize (long term strategy goals).

The only way to achieve this is to let business and information technology departments play nicely and understand common goals.

Are you seeking answers on how to apply the right technology to stay on top of your business? How to solve business and technology challenges and how to course correct by adopting or phasing out IT solutions? Need to do this while staying within budget and not breaking the bank? Do you want to understand how virtualization, containerization, storage and data availability married with the right mix of connectivity and auxiliary IT services can impact your business goals on a local and global scale?

To find answers to these questions, visit HostingCon Global 2016 in New Orleans and attend Martin and William’s session on Tuesday, July 26, 2016: 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM, titled: “Technology & Business: The Frenemies”.

Lear about topics such as:

· access to capital
· limiting operating costs
· responding quickly to market needs with technology
· dealing with quick paced growth or deceleration
· accessing local and global markets physically and technically
· staying online and available or data accessibility guarantees
· allocating resources for core business activities and improving technical efficiency by doing more with less and on demand

Knowledge is power so make sure to see us there, power-up and muscle out a bigger piece of your markets pie. Become future proof now.

About the Author
Martin_Wielomski_BIOMartin Wielomski is a Manager of Business Development for the EMEA region for PhoenixNAP Global IT Services. He has years of experience in the Information Technology and Hosting industries and specializes in strategy development and international business, sales leadership and product management. He also writes for several international IT oriented magazines and blogs and advises about technology, management, customer relations, sales and international business expansion while leveraging human connection potential in his corporate strategies. Martin believes in lifelong learning and leadership through engagement, while maintaining realistic and down to earth people approach. He can be reached at:linkedin.com/in/martinwielomski

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