“Stop Hosting, Start Delivering”

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After reading this VentureBeat post about BitGravity, a new CDN, I was curious to find out more about the company. CEO Perry Wu promises “no latency” in online video delivery; Revision3 (a “TV network for the web” launched by the founders of Digg) and TomGreen.com are customers, along with some “bigger names in publishing”.

I wasn’t able to find much additional information. BitGravity’s website is vague about its technology infrastructure (“innovative routing, hardware , and file system”; “centralized architecture, constellation system, multiple bandwidth providers”) and pricing (“no armies of network people, many standard features that others charge you extra for”). Media coverage is limited to this CNET article, which says the company is already profitable.

On the other hand, I did learn something about CacheFly through MochiMedia co-founder Bob Ippolito’s blog. (Bob already considers BitGravity a “tier 1” CDN, BTW.) MochiMedia needed to serve large amounts of small content objects to a global audience. First Bob tried Amazon’s S3, but he discovered during a trip to Taipei that its performance was “horrifying” (HTTP request for 20KB file took 1.6 seconds)(download times from Taipei tend to be awful for content hosted at most North American data centers). CacheFly was 3x faster, and Bob was pleased with the company’s transparent and affordable pricing.

By the way, during the CDN panel at the Tier 1 hosting summit back in September, execs from Akamai, Limelight, SolidState and Netli affirmed that they see hosting providers as valued partners. Cachefly has a different take. Its demo urges viewers to “Stop Hosting… Start Delivering”. BitGravity, too, argues that CDNs help customers save money through “better purchasing power and higher utilization” of their network and the equipment. CNet says these two start-ups are challenging Akamai, but it sounds like they’ve got much more in mind.

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