Net Neutrality: Questions Remain Ahead of FCC Vote

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I have never liked Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC. I always thought he was on the wrong side of the argument when he was Chairman of the NCTA (National Cable Television Association). I just don’t trust the man and now he is going to plop down a 317-page+ piece of regulation that most of my readers interpret as net neutrality. Guess what, it’s not.

I want net neutrality, but for some reason I don’t think it takes more than 300 pages to get the job done. The FCC is voting during an open meeting on Thursday at 10:30 am ET on whether to reclassify broadband access as a telecommunications service under Title II.

Will it contain fees?

Will it contain restrictions?

Will the Internet be regulated?

Will it impinge upon some content?

Will it add operating expense to your business?

Will it include net neutrality? I guarantee it, I just don’t know the flavor.

I can’t write a blog outlining the horrors or even the beautiful free skies of net neutrality until I see the regulation. I can’t because I am not an FCC commissioner and only their eyes are allowed.

I gave up being excited about surprises decades ago.

Later, Tom

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