Monday Demo: SiteLock’s Website Malware Scanning Tool

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This Week’s WHIR Demo was delivered by Neill Feather, president of website security firm SiteLock, which offers a tool to regularly scan a user’s website and provide detailed reports on the outcome of those scans – highlighting vulnerabilities and providing an avenue for repair. The tool is pretty flexible in the way t represents those reports, tailored to appeal to both very basic and higher-level, detail-oriented users.

One of the key functions that sets SiteLock apart from other website malware scanning tools is that repair offering, which is basically a work order to have SiteLock technicians access the user’s site and repair the problem.

And, of course, there’s a profit opportunity for hosting providers. SiteLock has APIs hosts can use to integrate with their own system, as well as integration work already done for cPanel and Parallels platforms.

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  1. Carbonsi

    These kinds of software are very much needed when hackers are at free.