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HostingCon 2014 – Where M&A is Happening

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HostingCon is just around the corner. If you did not get the memo, the conference is in Miami and runs from June 16-18, 2014. Included in a broad spectrum of seminars are several focused on mergers and acquisitions. With some advice I am going to tuck in some information regarding several of the seminars.

  • Monday 9 am: The Industry is Consolidating. What’s Your Exit Strategy?  I tell my clients this should be an annual discussion, just to put it on the table even for five minutes. It helps focus your attention.

  • Monday 1:15 pm: Hot or Not? Hosting Mergers and Acquisitions in 2014. I wonder if the word lackluster or lukewarm will come up? The market is active but I would prefer more steam in the pipes.

  • Monday 2:15 pm: Understanding Valuation – How the Big Guys Do It.  The big boys think EBITDA and growth. After all it is about ROI. For large hosting transactions multiples should start at 6X EBITDA and move up to 10. Note, does not include intellectual property where for some reason the sky’s the limit. We will see of they agree.

  • Tuesday 9 am: Getting Acquired and Thriving. Media Temple was purchased by GoDaddy. The session description says it will walk the audience through the acquisition and insight into the challenges. Voyeurism into an interesting transaction. I doubt if the valuation will come out.

  • Tuesday 9 am:  Build or Buy? How to Grow Your Small to Mid-sized Hosting Business. My response is it is a function of scale, time, cost and cash.

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