Google+ Business Pages – Implications for Search Marketing


The Internet marketing world has been all abuzz over Google the last few months. First with the launch of its latest foray into social media – Google Plus. And now, most recently, with the opening up of Google+ pages for business, the latest in Internet marketing solutions from the search giant.

It’s a well known fact that social media activity directly relates to search marketing. Search engines use social content, engagement and interaction in their quest to bring the most relevant search results to users.

So will Google+ pages have a similar effect on search rankings? Given Google’s position as the premier search engine on the Internet, and the fact that they favor their own sites – you can bet on it! In fact, the company officially announced that it will be giving greater authority to Plus pages in search results. You can already see Google Plus pages showing up on first page search results when you search for different brands and companies.

Google has even linked Plus pages to Google Webmaster Tools, so you can see the effect of your Google Plus page on your rankings.

To make the most of your Google Plus page, make sure that you take steps to create a page that is as search engine friendly as possible.

Your page has plenty of options for search engine optimization:

  • Create a keyword rich tagline for your business
  • Ensure that you are uploading images with optimized file names
  • Create a fully optimized, keyword rich introduction to your business, including links out to relevant pages within your website. Don’t forget to use keyword rich anchor text for your links.
  • Include a link out to your website, as well as to your other social media profiles and any other pages within your website that you want to call attention to.

And don’t forget to add the Google +1 button to your website, which now integrates with your business page.

When looking for online marketing solutions to meet your SEM goals, you should now add Google Plus to the list. But search engine marketing isn’t the only thing that Google Plus pages are good for. If creating valuable content is part of your business’s Internet marketing  and promotion plan, look out for an upcoming post, where we’ll discuss the Google+ implications for content marketing.

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  1. Suzanne Grey

    I'm not quite sure if Google+ can outwit Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Google+ for business with the impact it can now have will definitely be receiving more attention from business owners. Search rank was born with Google and they have had control over it ever since. Today's market is evolving rapidly with new marketing trends and technology breakthroughs impacting businesses constantly. If you don't adapt and learn to go with the market you will be left in the dust.

  3. With Google+ and Google Business Pages becoming more and more prominent, I'm not sure for how long will Google keep their "don't be evil" mantra.