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Conferences are a big part of being a hosting provider. Attending one is a great way to meet new business contacts, build partnerships, and take a look at what’s new on the market. I came across a few articles earlier this week relevant to attendees and event organizers, and I thought I’d share them with you:

  1. Shyness Hacks for Conferences: Pamela Fox has talked about her shyness and how she works around it at several conferences, including Google I/O. She shares five great tips for navigating conferences for shy people, including being a speaker, which she calls her “primary hack” at conferences.
  2. How a Keynote Speaker Can (and Can’t) Transform Your Event and Your Corporate Trajectory:  Professional keynote speaker Micah Soloman takes a look at what a keynote speaker can really do for your event. The bottom line: the speaker has to be engaging and deliver compelling material in order to really make an impact. Pretty obvious conclusion, but he (and the other experts he interviews) make some really interesting points to get there.
  3. Should You Host a User Conference? Dyn has attended many conferences, but didn’t find what it was looking for in an event. So it created its own, and hosted its first ever user conference, called Geek Summer Camp, this year. CEO Jeremy Hitchcock talks about what it takes to run a user conference, and why you may want to run your own.


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  1. Brilliant post and advice - especially the first point! Having a way to connect with people who suffer from shyness is so important because it produces better results for everyone and makes the conference more worthwhile!