Battle of the Independence Day Web Hosting Promotions


After stumbling on to SiteGround’s website and the firm’s great 4th of July promotion, I almost called the company’s CEO Tenko Nikolov. I wanted to congratulate him on a great marketing tie-in. After all, I am big into celebrating our nation’s Independence Day; just check the photo of my firm’s paramilitary inventory on our Facebook page.

Below is the home page that caught my eye.


Timing is the key to most marketing events. And SiteGround hit the mark. Someone said, what can we do this week; then they did it.

So I wondered what the general competition was like over the holiday. As I was shooting off fireworks the landscape looked something like this:

  • Host Papa had “Certified Green Webhosting” for $3.96/month
  • Bluehost: the best web hosting only $7.99 $4.95/month
  • GoDaddy:  get a new .com domain for $2.99/year
  •  Trying to direct you to watch it’s TV commercial
  • 1&1: get a new .com domain for $0.99/year

Somewhere I can hear the yawn.

SiteGround played to emotions, limited offer and discount pricing. I think they did it well.

Nothing like a 4th of July sale – ask any mattress manufacturer or used car dealer.

I knew that Tenko was in my database. I looked him up and immediately remembered that long string of numbers. Like most hosting companies SiteGround’s customer service is offered via telephone, chat and tickets.

Of course I am not a customer and will contact him direct as I already have that information. If you prefer to bypass customer service, let me refer you to its attorney in Washington, DC, or the Corporate Headquarters in Panama, or feel free to visit its operations in Bulgaria.

Mr. Nikolov, thank you for celebrating our nation’s Independence. You may have done it from Bulgaria and with a purely capitalistic motive, but you did it.

Later, Tom

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  2. DoktorThomas™

    Sales/discounts tied to national holidays is not a new concept. Nor is it unique to the hosting service mentioned. They are so common that you can expect national bubble gum day to have all kinds of promotional specials in a variety of arenas, not just hosting or gum/candy sites. Such promotions blow!! ;-) Having tried dozens of hosts and purchased a number "special" plans, experience dictates that "you get what you pay for". Experience also says security, technical support and back-up systems are more important than 25, 50, 75 or 95% off. These three areas generally poorly addressed. And frankly, every one advertises 99.9% up time; reality clearly proves otherwise. ©2014 All rights reserved.