Average Public Cloud Outage Downtime Nears 8 Hours: RightScale Infographic

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A new infographic created by cloud management provider RightScale shows that the average downtime per outage across clouds, private data centers and traditional hosting providers is 7.5 hours.

To create the infographic, RightScale analyzed 27 publicly reported outages in 2012.

According to its research, public cloud outages only represented 26 percent of the 2012 outages, despite its preferential coverage in the media.

“When we looked at just public cloud outages, the average downtime was only marginally higher at 7.7 hours. In either case, the resulting business impact can be high, with significant revenue impact,” RightScale says. “The key takeaway is the need to architect your applications to stay up even when your cloud or data center isn’t.”

The release of this infographic comes on the heels of Tuesday’s news that RightScale is the first partner to resell Google Compute Engine infrastructure as a service.

Talk back: Why do you think cloud outages are more “sexy” than other outages in terms of media coverage? What do you think of the RightScale infographic? Let us know in a comment.



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