Announcing the VIP Pass Winner!

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If you registered for using the WHIR’s coupon code, you were entered into a draw to win a free VIP pass! Being a VIP at gives you access to all kinds of awesome perks including VIP meeting tables, concierge service, a ticket to the VIP gala, and more!

We’re pleased to announce that Syed Hashmi, founder and CEO of Hosting Controller, is the lucky winner of the WHIR’s VIP pass for! Congrats Syed!

Heading to next week? We would love to meet you. The WHIR team, including Allison, Leslie, Nicole, and Cheryl Kemp, the WHIR and HostingCon’s new Content Director, will be there. If you want to get in touch, contact us via Twitter or Facebook!

If you can’t be there, the WHIR will keep you up to speed with our online coverage of the event!

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