4 Trends at AWS re:Invent Will Make Companies Faster, Leaner and Easier to Scale

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What were the key takeaway’s from the biggest re:Invent to date? The company of the future is faster, leaner and easier to scale than ever before. In just three years AWS re:Invent has become the most important conference for the growing numbers of developers and engineers that are building on Amazon Web Services. The 21 major releases announced during the show will have a direct impact on how new and old cloud users will build their businesses and deliver services.

Improve performance, stability and security in the cloud

At every session, panel, workshop, and keynote, there was a clear focus on addressing AWS as a fully reliable and high-performing solution across the world at scale.

One of the most pronounced reactions came during the live keynote from Amazon SVP of Product, Andy Jassy, who announced the X1 EC2 instance. It packs a whopping 2 terabytes of RAM and support for over 100 virtualized CPUs, which inspired energetic cheers from the keynote listeners in the live audience. In conjunction with EC2 dedicated hosts and support for Docker Compose, these services are making a robust improvements in performance for their largest and slimmest services.

AWS account owners everywhere rejoiced at the release of new configuration tools for Inspector that will help companies centralize and manage the size of their AWS bill. The update will scan systems proactively for security or stability flaws that could compromise a system and provide more advanced configuration rules for administrators, which continues to limit points of failure.

Easing entry into the Cloud

The exponential growth of AWS has made it clear that cloud architecture and data warehousing is the best way to lower infrastructure costs and allow companies to invest only in what they need. Making the move into the cloud, however, can be a gargantuan task for companies that already have large data sets. Just extracting data from existing databases can be difficult and expensive. The sheer volume of data that companies have on-hand and need can take weeks (months, or even years, as Jassy said in his announcement) to migrate. With the number of rapid-fire new service announcements that help companies move data cheaply and quickly, Amazon has built a stairway to heaven and turned it into an escalator on the same day.

Whether companies pay Amazon to help extract them from restrictive database schemas or use Amazon’s 1 Petabyte data suitcase, Snowball, they’ll be able to make the move to the cloud more quickly and cost efficiently than ever before.

Move to Real-Time Analytics

MediaMath is an advertising technology company that relies on using machine learning to make billions of media purchases in milliseconds each day. The more information we can process and use in real-time, the better our algorithms will be at making these decisions. With the announcements of Kinesis Analytics and Kinesis Firehose (which takes its name from a MediaMath tool we shared at AWS last year), real-time streaming data is now available to more companies, start-ups, and applications than ever. I expect to see more companies adopt and take advantage of the speed, agility, and power that finding and acting on data insights in real-time can have on their industries.

Focus on Developer experience

There were dozens of breakout sessions during AWS focused on the broad industry shift towards microservices-oriented architecture. It’s clear AWS is paying greater attention to developer experience. On day 3 of the show, Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels introduced AWS Mobile Hub, a clean-looking console that allows developers to easily add and configure features for mobile apps without having to worry about provisioning, scaling and managing the infrastructure. This focus extends even further to the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform, which connects to Lambda and Kinesis to help developers connect everything from robotic arms that imitate body movements to hand-sanitizers that alert workers when they need to be refilled.

It comes as no surprise that AWS re:Invent is the annual site of the complete reinvention of the cloud computing industry. As AWS continues to lower the bar of entry to the cloud and improve the reliability and performance of what was at first a flexible solution, you should expect to see companies from every industry shifting up to the cloud.

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