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Creating Secure Documents on the Net

This article, by Brian Atkinson, extends the functionality discussed in a previous 4Guys article, Protecting Everything. This article plugs up the small security holes that were present in the Protecting Everything article by the use of the SA-FileManager Read More

Creating a Shopping Cart ASP Component

Shopping carts have been around for ages, and remain one of the most widely used but least standardized aspects of Net technology. Here Shelly builds a persistent shopping cart with a VB component that actually follows the customer. Read More

Passing Arrays from One ASP Page to Another

Have you ever wanted to pass an array from one ASP page to another? If you have passed an array, chances are you’ve used session variables. We all know that session variables are evil, so it would be nice to be able to pass an array without using session Read More

Listing the Tables and Columns in a Database

Have you ever wanted to be able to list your database’s tables and columns on your intranet or Internet site? One option is to take a snapshot of your database design and post it to your Web. Or, using Schemas, you can have a live picture of your database Read More