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5 Steps to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Just about everyone has heard of the elevator pitch – that succinct summation of what you do that piques the interest of a potential customer or investor. Of course, in the Internet age, the elevator pitch has been shortened to the escalator pitch, then the Twitter pitch. As a result,… Read More

Why Choose a Website Builder with E-commerce Features

One thing that internet technology has provided is the convenience to shop. Yes, a lot of people are now into online shopping primarily because you can get the best discount deals without having to drive to the store, saving you gas money as well. And with the increase in the… Read More

The Truth behind Buying High PR Domain Names

Some people work hard in order to increase the page ranks of their websites but on one hand, others prefer to do it the easy way. Yes, there’s an easier path to take if you want to have a site that has a high PR but it does come with… Read More

Things to Consider on a Web Hosting and Site Builder Package

For a small scaled business or an individual with limited budget, signing up for bundle service offers seems to be the practical choice. People are already aware of the power of social media and the internet when it comes to advertising and promotions and this is one of the reasons… Read More

What Does Unlimited Web Hosting Really Mean?

When you are shopping for a shared web hosting service, many web hosting providers will indirectly ask you to guess how successful your online presence will be, despite your having little or no evidence to go on. After all, if your disk space and bandwidth allocations are capped to specific… Read More

The Basic Principles in Mobile Web Design

Mobile internet is fast becoming the latest tool in research and communications. A great number of people are now using their mobile phones as a mean to connect to the internet and get things done. Gone are the days when one has to carry a laptop around in order to… Read More

Low Cost Web Hosting: Get a Good Deal Even on a Tight Budget

One of the reasons why a number of small scaled companies are hesitant to launch their business online is because of the cost. Since most are fairly new and barely starting, resources and funding are limited which means some advertising and marketing strategies have to be put aside until there’s… Read More

A Comparison between VPS and Shared Web Hosting

Taking your business online is a huge risk, it could either become an instant success or a wasted effort and it all depends on utilizing the right tools in web hosting. Choosing the right kind of web host provider is one of the important steps in making sure that a… Read More

The Features of a Good Dedicated Server

With the number of web hosting solutions available today, how would you know that you have right one? The number of options allows businesses and individuals to select a package that can meet their demands and requirements. It could range from a free hosting to a paid web hosting package.… Read More