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Data Center Power Emissions Remain an Increasingly Taxing Matter

Our world runs on data. But data centers can give off a whole lot of power and carbon emissions.nAnd as the demand for data center capacity grows, so have the associated carbon emissions. Luckily there are tools that can help companies manage, interpret and monitor their data center power output.nAnd… Read More

The Law Is Coming to Social Media's Wild West

Since we are all living through this great wave of social change, it’s not really possible to predict exactly where we are headed. Privacy issues and rights are very different today than before the arrival of social media, and social media boundaries are constantly being tested — and now regulated.n nInternet… Read More

Tales From the Linux Dark Side

Halloween may have come and gone for another year, but that doesn’t mean the exchange of horror stories has come to an end.n nNo indeed — prompted by recent post on TechSource, Linux bloggers have continued to terrify and amaze each other with tales of Linuxy horror such as many of… Read More

Web developers tackle advanced font controls

The Web, ever more sophisticated, is feeble as a publication medium when it compared to what can be done with layout software such as Adobe Systems’ InDesign. But that’s beginning to change.nThe change is significant: digital publishing is moving to the Web, but the array of new devices such as… Read More

How We Used a Python Script to Find Our Domain Name, “Yipit”

Naming your startup sounds fun and awesome.n nLet’s say you have a music sharing idea, so you’re going to grab Wait, that’s probably too obvious. I’ll be creative. Let me try Oh, taken. How about, taken. Songster, taken. Songly, taken. Beaster, taken. Uh, oh. That’s when you realize… Read More

Will the IT guy learn to love Apple?

It’s likely you’ve got an Apple product plugged into your ears when you’re listening to music. Making a phone call? One out of every five people buying a smartphone are choosing an iPhone. And Apple’s share of consumer laptop sales jumped to 10.6 percent in the last quarter.nNow here’s the… Read More

IT pros ready to combat cloud concerns in 2011

Between sessions at the Cloud Computing Expo and RightScale user conference in Santa Clara this week, I talked with IT pros about their plans for cloud computing in 2011.nMany still have security concerns and few were comforted by Amazon security architect Steve Riley’s claims that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is… Read More

Is Social Media Making Consumers Antisocial?

Teens spend hours each day planted in front of Facebook. College students get the shakes when they are asked to go a week without social media. Moms are hooked on playing FarmVille. The word “addiction” gets tossed around.nBut there are few indications that, for most people, social media is a… Read More

Data growth remains IT's biggest challenge, Gartner says

Data growth is the biggest data center hardware infrastructure challenge for large enterprises, according to a new survey by research firm Gartner Inc.nAccording to Gartner, 47% of the respondents to a survey conducted over the summer ranked data growth in their top three challenges. With spending returning to more normal… Read More

The unvarnished truth about unsecured Wi-Fi

Chances are you don’t leave your front door unlocked. And you shouldn’t leave your Wi-Fi network unsecured either.nWhy? With a $50 wireless antenna and the right software a criminal hacker located outside your building as far as a mile away can capture passwords, e-mail messages, and any other data being… Read More

Scariest tech happening of 2010?

So here we are on the verge of another Halloween weekend, and I’ve yet to be sufficiently scared. That said, as I look back at the year to date, I’m a little freaked out–2010 has had its share of frightening tech moments. Sure, Facebook faced some serious privacy charges, but… Read More

6 Technologies that Will Change Web Hosting

Web hosting technology develops at a rapid pace. So much so that often what is new technology today is old news tomorrow. As more and more business start to see the value derived from operating online, web hosting will continue to evolve and develop at a dramatic pace. Many businesses… Read More