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Applications in the Data Center and the Importance of Application Fluency

Application fluency is the ability of an application delivery controller (ADC (News – Alert)) to manage both the network and applications for optimal performance, and seamlessly at that. The ADC adjusts the network conditions to accommodate changes in application environment; or manage access, availability, and performance of applications when the… Read More

Get an online business going in just eight steps

ONLINE businesses are becoming more and more popular as a source of side income, and some entrepreneurs are also able to live completely off their online earnings alone. For some, however, it can be a daunting task to get a web business up and running.nBut it doesn’t have to be,… Read More

Understanding Web Server Colocation

Web server colocation is a hosting alternative available to small companies who are interested in enjoying the benefits of a larger IT center but would rather not deal with the hefty expenses. There are a lot of corporations that have an Internet foundation used for hosting their own World Wide… Read More

Top Five Reasons to Turn to Cloud Hosting

As you start to hear terms like cloud hosting, cloud communications and cloud storage floating around quickly becoming common vernacular in the tech space you may be asking yourself, Why should I adopt cloud technology? Cloud is here to stay and many industry experts are predicting that this is the… Read More

You'd better move toward the 'cloud,' entrepreneurs

Let’s say it’s the late 1990s. Advisers are telling you you’ve got to get on this thing called the Internet. You need a website, to be able to send files, and for gosh sake, you have to get email. (I wrote a column in 1997 saying exactly that!) Looking back,… Read More

How to Select a Colocation Provider

Colocation, collocation, co-location: however you spell it, choosing the right provider is an important decision that can affect not only your company’s finances, but also, in some cases, your ability to perform critical business functions. As with many such decisions, a major part of the task is knowing what your… Read More

Trends in data center management and server technology

It seems like server technology is changing faster than we’re able to keep track. Before you know it, IT pros are behind the eight ball, scrambling to understand and deploy important new technologies that they’ve overlooked. Sometimes, you just want to know how your data center stacks up against the… Read More

What is an SSL Security Certificate?

Generally speaking, SSL Certificate are integral to eCommerce Website security; the eCommerce Business Community knows the SSL Certificate aka Secure Socket Layer Certificate is key to their online operations. Understanding this, what exactly is the SSL Secure Socket Layer Security Certificate, and how does it actually work for eCommerce?nThe SSL… Read More

Building Cost-Effective Data Centers

For organizations wrestling with increasing demands for power, greater performance and efficiency and cost savings, building and operating a data center represents a culmination of almost innumerable initiatives. The prevailing IT trends of virtualization, private clouds and increasing storage requirements all represent enormous pressure to do more with less. As… Read More

Building a Complete View of Enterprise Security

No matter how you slice it, security is about information, with the tastiest piece of the pie being the protection of an organization’s critical data. But there is another slice that IT decision-makers need to have on their plate, and that’s how to leverage information about sensitive data in their… Read More

Will Static Sites Rise Again with Cloud Services?

Once upon a time, before the word Internet (or cloud) put dollar signs in VC eyes, sites were built with static tools. All a good Webmaster needed was a text editor and a Web server maybe a few images and blink tags if they were feeling fancy.nThese days, most of… Read More

10 Steps to Cloud Control

Business users are drawn to the cloud. Of course, that’s not surprising, considering they tend to see only the benefits: self-service freedom, scalability, availability, flexibility, and the pleasure of avoiding various nasty hardware and software headaches.nIT leaders, on the other hand, aren’t always as enthusiastic. They worry about cloud security… Read More