Managed Dedicated Servers: The Best Value for Your Business

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Managed Dedicate Hosting can prove to be very beneficial for your business. The many benefits of Managed dedicated servers over unmanaged hosting and colocation are pointed out in this article. Read more!

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  1. The problem with trying to differentiate between co-location, un-managed and fully-managed dedicated servers is that definitions vary from provider to provider of the respective labels as well as things like SAN vs. NAS vs. Local Disk. You can still have "dedicated everything" in any of the environments. But even that varies. If you contact Softlayer or they will try and sell you data transfer but not guarantee you with a CIR or committed information rate for bandwidth. Why? Because it is shared - period. Now if you contact or Level 3 you can get a CIR quoted for your dedicated servers but it will cost you a bit more. However, you are guaranteed contractually to get what you pay for so it really depends on how much packet loss and sharing you are willing to endure. Regardless of the "dedicated server" solution you select, you better know the difference between data transfer and bandwidth before you ink the deal. Just my two cents worth..... Steve