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How Hosting Companies Can Increase Revenue

Are hosting companies maximising the revenue they are getting from their existing customers? In most cases they are not, which is a shame because their customers are crying out for other services. Luckily this is all very easy to fix this and in most cases doesn’t cost anything to implement.… Read More

5 Things to consider when purchasing a Managed Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is an investment that you make for your company. Here are some tips for you to consider when buying a managed dedicated server. Choosing the perfect dedicated server from the right hosting provider is essential for your business. With so many dedicated server providers and so many options,… Read More

WordPress Cloud Hosting – Why it rocks!

WordPress is the most popular CMS application and Cloud Hosting is the ideal hosting solution for hosting a WordPress Site. Let me start by discussing WordPress: Most everyone is familiar with this popular blogging/CMS platform. After all, it is one the most widely-used platforms in the world for website building… Read More

PrestaShop VS Magento – Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart Comparison

Magento is the leader in Ecommerce Shopping cart right from the time it was launched. On the other hand Prestashop is an up and coming application which is slowly but steadily catching up to Magento in popularity. In this article we will compare both these shopping cart applications Read more! Read More

The Myths and Facts About Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers have gained popularity in the recent years. However there are many who still do not understand the concept of cloud servers. In this article we highlight the benefits of cloud servers and talk about some of its myths. Read more! Read More

A Focus on Distributed Denial of Service

Internet technologies have continued to pick up pace over the past few years. Now, the birth of the cloud movement has placed even greater focus on data center, network and infrastructure security. As more organizations leverage the benefits of the cloud, there is a great chance for some type of… Read More

Making the Case for DDoS Protection

Use of cloud computing has evolved the threat landscape that organizations must face. Now, with more utilization of the Internet and WAN services, more companies are at risk of some type of an attack. In particular, security administrators must now concern themselves around distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Just… Read More

Anatomy of a Botnet

The rise in Internet and cloud utilization has been directly proportional to the rise in WAN-based attacks. As more organizations utilize the power of the cloud, more attackers will search for targets to attack. Fueled by innovations like do-it-yourself botnet construction kits and rent-a-botnet business models, the growth of botnets… Read More

Why IPS Devices and Firewalls Fail to Stop DDoS Threats

Cloud computing and the growing usage of the Internet has placed even greater demands on a corporate data center. Now, organizations are relying more and more on their IT infrastructure to be the mechanism to drive growth and enable agility. Because of this focus on the data center, concerns around… Read More