Outage of Vietnamese News Sites Caused by Country’s Largest Attack Ever


A joint investigation by leading Vietnamese web host VCCorp and police has determined that a massive outage last week was caused by an attack which is being called the largest ever cyberattack in Vietnam. VCCorp hosts numerous Vietnamese news sites, which were knocked offline on Monday October 13th, and gradually came back online over two days. Read More

Bowery Simplifies Development, Announces Seed Funding


Web development software startup Bowery has launched desktop app Bowery 3 and received $1.5 million in a seed funding round, the company announced Tuesday. Bowery 3 syncs code with an automatically provisioned AWS server to allow developers to write and test code without reconfiguring complicated web stacks. Read More

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Druva Provides Cloud-First Backup Solution That Combines Dedup and AWS Storage


Druva, a company known for protecting data from the data center to mobile devices, has released a public cloud backup and long-term storage solution known as “Phoenix” which relies on patented deduplication technology and Amazon’s cloud service to deliver high-performance backup, archiving and long-term retention in a single package. Read More