New CloudFlare Keyless SSL Technology Could Prevent Future Bank Hacks


On Thursday CloudFlare announced a new technology that allows organizations to keep secure sockets layer (SSL) keys in the cloud. This security technology was developed by CloudFlare to give companies the opportunity to bypass having to share its SSL key with a third party. The service is available to customers on its enterprise plan. Read More

Cisco Buys OpenStack Private Cloud Provider Metacloud

Cloud Computing

Cisco has agreed to buy Pasadena, California-based Metacloud, a private OpenStack cloud provider, adding yet another facet to the Cisco cloud strategy. Metacloud employees will join Cisco’s Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Services organization. The acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015. Read More

Companies Consider Web Hosting in the Bahamas and Beyond to Avoid US Government


Data hosted with a US-owned company but stored in a different country can still be accessed by the US government. This concern has led some businesses to forgo doing business with US-based service providers all together, and instead look for providers based in countries where there is more stringent rules around government data collection. Read More

Deutsche Telekom Denies Allegations of NSA, GCHQ Breach


Documents provided to German newspaper Der Spiegel by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden show that the NSA and GCHQ breached Deutsche Telekom and local telecommunications provider Netcologne, the paper reported Sunday. Deutsche Telekom responded quickly, saying that its investigation has discovered no breach so far. Read More