Cloud Computing

Infrastructure is Dead, Long Live the Cloud

If hosting providers want to survive and thrive in the fast changing world of cloud computing, they must forget about infrastructure and embrace managed services. This is according to Ashar Baig, research director at Gigaom, who spoke to the WHIR this week about current market trends in cloud. Read More

Court Case Over Cloud-Based Over-the-Air TV Provider Aereo May Affect Other Remote Cloud Services


Launched in 2012, Aereo is a service that lets people rent a remote TV antenna that lets them record over-the-air TV shows to the cloud and stream them across their devices - all for as little as $8 per month. It is also the subject of a Supreme Court case that could have implications on how remote services are treated by law. Read More

Equinix and Microsoft Partner to Bring Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to 16 Global Markets


Equinix announced on Tuesday that it has partnered to bring Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to 16 global markets inside Equinix International Business Exchange data centers. Microsoft launched ExpressRoute recently to offer private, reliable and low latency connections between customer data centers and Microsoft Azure public cloud. Read More