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Supreme Court Permits Challenge to Colorado Internet Tax


Colorado’s Internet tax law can be challenged in federal court, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Tuesday. This reverses a decision reached by the federal appeals court that state tax laws can only be challenged in state court, increasing the likelihood that the law will ultimately be changed. Read More 2015

WHD_2015_699x200_030415 2015 March 24-26, 2015 Europe-Park Rust, Germany is the leading international trade show for the hosting and cloud sector. In 2015 we secured… Read More

Google Reveals Plan to Offer Wireless Service


The greatly anticipated Google wireless service will be revealed “in the coming months,” the company confirmed this week. Speaking at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Google SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai responded to a question by setting a timeline for the announcement. Read More