Using the Cloud to Extend your Business


The reality here is that the modern data center and service provider are a lot more capable of supporting a very diverse cloud environment. Furthermore, changes within compliance and regulations allow many more companies to actually look at some kind of cloud service to help make their business more agile. Read More

ICANN Runs Last Resort Auction for Contentious New gTLDs, Raises $59M


With the sale of .stream to Famous Four Media, ICANN has completed the sale of rights to new dot-word TLDs, The Register reports. Four other gTLDs were resolved in the past week, all through private auctions, as .stream was, however ICANN completes the process having raised $59 billion from the 13 domains that sold through its public process. Read More

The Journey of IPv6 in OpenStack

Cloud Computing

During the November 2014 OpenStack Summit in Paris, many in the Openstack community took notice that support for IPv6 is no longer a choice, but is now a necessity. The exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, combined with rapidly expanding use in the cloud environment, meant that IPv6 support would be critical to the future success of OpenStack. Read More

European Commission Creates Plan for Europe to Challenge US Tech Dominance


The European Commission will unveil its plans for a European "Digital Single Market" on May 6, The Wall Street Journal reports. The goal of bringing together member countries into a common market for digital goods, capital, content, and services is to bring Europe’s main industries into the digital age to help drive a continent-wide economic recovery. Read More