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Russia Will Block Websites with Multiple Copyright Violations Starting in 2015


Websites found guilty of multiple copyright violations will be permanently blocked in Russia starting next year, according to the Moscow Times. In a separate move to combat internet piracy in Russia, the country’s “communications operators” may soon be required to pay millions in “universal licenses” to intellectual property rights holders. Read More

CloudFlare to Open Data Centers in China in 2015: Report


CloudFlare will open 12 data centers in mainland China over the next six months in preparation for the beta launch of local service in January 2015, according to TechCrunch. China is already the company’s second biggest market by traffic and users, despite CloudFlare having no local marketing, sales, or support. Read More

Cloud Gaming Poised for 2015 Turning Point: Report


Cloud gaming is poised for a turning point in 2015, according to a report released Monday by Strategy Analytics. Huge gains in addressable audience, new entries into the market from big brand names, and improving network performance have set up the coming year as what the Boston market research firm calls cloud gaming’s “inflection point.” Read More