Web Hosting Sales and Promos – Black Friday Edition


It’s that time of year again! Black Friday shoppers have already hit the ground running, filling up their carts with the best deals on electronics, clothing and even web hosting. In the week ending November 27, 2014, there is up to 70 percent off dedicated servers, as well as many discounts on hosting. Read More

Report: More Firms Use SaaS for Mission Critical Apps


Software-as-a-Service applications are increasingly being used for mission critical purposes, according to a recent report by Gartner. Cost considerations continue to be a driving factor, but many senior business leaders view agility as a primary reason for moving to SaaS. Read More

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More Than Half of Americans Know What Net Neutrality Is: Report


The “Web IQ” of American internet users varies widely, and less than half are aware that a company posting a privacy statement is not necessarily promising confidentiality. According to a report released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, only 44 percent of those surveyed know what a privacy statement is, though over 80 percent know about Bill Gates and hashtags. Read More